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The Allmightysteven


Somewhere along the way, I think we lost it. I’m not sure where or how or why. I’m not sure it’s important, to be honest. It didn’t happen all at once, but it’s certainly gone now. Curiosity. We need to keep learning. Why is there such a negative atmosphere surrounding learning? When did it become cool to be fucking stupid?

Knowledge is free. Duolingo. Khan Academy. Google Scholar. Something. Just please don’t tell me you don’t know who the Vice President is. Come on people. We’re better than this. This is why people think Americans are stupid.

We are such incredible human beings with so much potential.

I’m writing this from a crammed Greyhound bus in eastern Connecticut. It’s raining, my hamstrings are tight, it’s nearly eighty degrees on the bus. The man next to me is nearly 300 pounds and is unable to buckle is seatbelt because of the size of his stomach. He is currently starting his fourth McDonald’s hamburger.

He looks so miserable.

Hey, at least there’s free onboard WiFi.